Regular drumming connects, harmonises and synchronizes us to the greater symphony of life.


The power of the drum relaxes the tense, energizes the tired, and heals the emotionally wounded.


Home educating husband and wife duo from Norfolk are promoting the many amazing benefits of drum, by holding drum circles, natural rhythm sessions, and drum making workshops throughout East Anglia.  Last year they travelled as far as North Wales to promote drumming where they held workshops for Forest School Association’s National Conference.


“Drumming is a universal language free from words and concepts.  It provides a platform for ones self expression in a place without fear of judgement thus breaking down social barriers. Drumming encourages empathy, resilience, emotional intelligence, deep listening, patience, acceptance, and self respect.  It deepens connection to self, others and the world around you.  It instills a sense of calm providing a platform to freely express oneself and promotes unity and harmony.  It provides a safe place to be heard and listened to, a place to find your ‘unique’ voice and rhythm.”


In previous years they have personally witnessed the transformative effect of drum within their family life.  They have used drum ‘medicine’ for all kinds of reasons including pain relief during labour, teething, weaning, earth blessings, unions, deep healing, meditation, stress, anxiety, shifting old behavior patterns and healing trauma.  They feel that the drum has infinite potential for bringing positive change within our everyday lives.


Over the last year they have carried out research, to find evidence that supports the benefits of the frame drum and the many benefits of regular drumming in circle.  Recent research found that drumming can be equally as effective as anti-depressant medication and psychotherapies. Research by the Royal College of Music has found that drumming has a positive impact on mental health, with a 10-week programme of group drumming reducing depression by as much as 38% and anxiety by 20%.


“Until now the frame drum has been largely forgotten although it was the first instrument ever made.  It is like no other drum.  It resonates throughout the entire body, promoting healing and well being to all who play it”.


Claire Cartwright is a Forest School and Reiki practitioner and uses drumming in her sessions.  Benny Cartwright is a craftsman, musician, and music teacher. He shares mindfulness, presence and deep listening techniques through his music lessons.


Benny and Claire offer drum ‘birthing’ workshops to people wishing to make their own drum.  “Our workshops are held in a place of deep stillness, meditation and ceremony.  Making your own drum in this sacred way is a deep and transformative process that becomes part of a persons healing, medicine and journey.  It becomes an integral part of your life, and an extension of self.  The experience of creating such a unique and priceless drum will remain with you forever”.


They also make beautifully hand crafted drums to sell to those who are, for whatever reason, unable to birth for themselves.  All of the materials used are locally and ethically sourced.


They have various exciting projects on the horizon.  One of which will enable them to offer people with mental health issues a chance to feel the benefits of drum.  One of the projects is called ‘drum for life’ which will provide people with exactly that, as a ‘self regulatory’ tool.  They are currently in the process of seeking funding for this  


Enquiries via email [email protected] or text 07548 474450 or visit them at